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Volkswagen Transmission While Volkswagens are great cars, their transmissions have experienced problems over the last decade. In 2013 there was a recall issued for several models. Common problems include: faulty temperature sensors that do not properly indicate the temperture damaging the transmission as it runs "hot". Solenoid failures that can cause several problems and rarely sudden gear downshifts while driving. Another issue is the transmission's closed nature. This means changing fluids and simple servicing requires going to a shop.

The newest transmission Volkswagen has developed is called "Tiptronic Transmission". There are several variations within this family. These are not simple transmissions to repair. First, you have to note the stamped code and replace the transmission with one that has the same or similar code. Substituting a "wrong" coded transmission will fit and work to some degree but requires many adjustments and trips back to the repair shop. You do not want that. Don't get us wrong - the Volkswagen transmission is solid, we just want you to know about potential problem areas and stress the importance of proper maintenance to extend the life.

Now it has been several years since the recall and Volkswagen has addressed these problems in recent years, However, if you drive an older model just be aware of these issues. If you want peace of mind bring in your vehicle and we will inspect and identify any areas of concern. Catching a problem early will save money and hassle down the road. Our technicians know the warning signs and can pinpoint troublesome issues. They are experienced with the Volkswagen system and we ensure your car will run properly on the first visit.

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