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Mechanic Repairing Transmission When your transmission is acting up trust the expert mechanics at The Transmission Store, to figure out the problem quickly and make the repair right on the first visit. We offer fair, upfront pricing, and provide a one year warranty standard with all repairs.

There is no reason for your car to sit in the shop for days. We believe in quick turnaround because we understand the inconvenience you are experiencing. For that reason we don't schedule more repairs than we can complete in a reasonable time. All the more reason for you to visit us when you first experience any problems.

Our certified technicians have decades of car repair experience. In fact, we have been operating in Nashville since 1983. For more than 3 decades on Dickerson Pike and now operating off Nolensville Road behind Larry's Auto.

By combining outstanding customer service with mechanical expertise we have created a truly unique transmission repair shop. Our reputation means everything. Check out our 5-Star customer reviews.

Automatic Tansmissions, Manual All Makes/Models

Transmissions are complex pieces of machinery, and every maker does things their own unique way. That is why you need to bring your car to us. We work exclusively on transmissions and have for the last 40 years. Our mechanics understand the differences between automatics and manual. We are experienced with every major manufacturer and all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, vans).

We specialize in Japanese and high-performance European models. Including: Nissans, Hondas, Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Our prices are reasonable and usually 15% lower than dealerships. Get a free test drive or quote to compare and see the difference.

Common Problems

  • Slow response - when shifting gears there is a delay
  • Noise from undercarriage - especially a clunking sound
  • Loss of fluid - if you notice new driveway stains
  • Gear shifting - if your gear sticks or will not engage
  • Burning smell - might indicate the transmission is running too hot
  • Transmission slipping from gear to gear

Call Us

So give us a call 615.227.6806, or vist our shop (directions). We will be happy to get you back on the road quickly and affordably.

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