5 Star Customer Service


Mechanic and Customer While visiting Nashville from out of town my transmission went out. Needing quick and timely service – I contacted Marty at the Transmission Store and he was able to get me towed and repaired in short order. After the repair was complete, I drove to Florida. While hundreds of miles away from Nashville and not likely to return, I had an issue with the transmission. Marty answered everyone of my phone calls and worked with the dealership to fix the issue and honor the warranty I got with the initial repair. Sometimes things happen - and things don’t go as planned. Having the integrity to fall through and make it right is what’s most important. I was impressed how they stood behind their work and followed through to get my issues resolved. I highly recommend them and would use them again. - Lance Hall

Great service. Completely recommend. - Rachel Hall

The guys were very knowledgeable about what they doing. I was treated very well. I would recommend them to anyone! - Charles Clark

Honest work! If they do anything wrong, they will fix it without hesitation! Great experience! - Ronae B

Dean is a transmission wizard. He'll do you right and get your car back on the road! - Troy Putney

I’m from Nebraska and I was on my way going home and my transmission was going out went to take it in and the service was amazing 100% also such kind workers and so comforting and understanding. I recommend this place 10000x. Amazing service - Meow Ruh

What a fantastic job you guys id on my BMW Z-4. It has been 6 months and almost 10,000 miles since the rebuild. My BMW shifts flawlessly. I recommend your shop to anyone I come in contact with. Your prices and service (especially on a BMW) cannot be touched anywhere in middle Tennessee. Thanks again for the great work. - Ron Cina

This place has the best and most honest mechanics around. Isn't that what we're all looking for when our cars are on the fritz? I have used them on three different vehicles with a variety of problems ranging from AC to a transmission service. They have great prices and they have given me options that I need to hear, not what I want to hear. I would rather spend a few extra dollars for a lasting solution, rather than a quick, short fix. - Lindsay Moore

When the transmission in my Jetta went out the dealership said $5500 + and they even said smaller shops don't have the right equipment to look at VWs. The Transmission Store had it apart and fixed in two days, for $1200. Kept me informed throughout the process and explained everything very thoroughly. I hope I never have to use them again but if I do have a transmission issue I would not go anywhere elsw. - Ross Glimmer

I was exiting the 65 when my front seal blew. The Transmission Store went out of their way to help me including getting me a rental car. They made the whole ordeal a lot easier to handle. I truly appreciate their kindness and the great job they did with the repairs. - Billy Loomis