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Nissan Transmission Repair We have nothing but respect for Nissan. They've built an outstanding reputation for quality, and we are proud they selected Nashville as their U.S. headquarters. However, there area a few common problems with their transmissions. We are not saying everyone will experience these problems, just that there is a tendenancy towards these issues.

First sometimes the cars' cooling system can leak into the transmission fluid. This dilutes the fluid causing your transmission a variety of issues. Another known issue is that at times the transmission seals can become brittle and even rupture. This leads to loss of fluid which can cause the transmission to wear more, run hotter and fail quickly. If there is a serious fluid loss you should be able to detect a puddle of pink colored liquid under the car. However, smaller leaks are harder to detect and can have the same adverse effect over time. Nissan has been working on this problem and it generally only affects cars manufactured before 2010. However, knowing what to watch for will save you time and trouble later.

There are other indications that the transmission is having trouble. When you notice less power or the transmission seems to stick when moving through the gears your car is warning you to have an inspection sooner rather than later. Prevention and simple changes like replacing the seals can prevent more costly repairs and inconveinence while your car "is in the shop".

The Transmission Store has repaired many Nissan transmissions since 1983. We know what to look for and will shoot straight with you. If a quick fix prevents the problem, then that's what we'll suggest. We do provide a free test drive and estimate before you are charged anything. Check our reviews. When you need a pro for your Nissan transmission repair, give us a call.

Nissan Models

These models tend to have transmission problems as the vehicle ages past 100,000 miles. If you are experiencing any issue, please bring it by and we will take a look. Many times a little service can extend the life of your transmission for 10's of thousands of miles. And if you need service or repair we will give you a fair price, a guarantee and promise to fix your car quickly and do it right on the first visit.

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