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Mercedes Transmission Repair Shop

Mercedes Transmission Mercedes Benz makes a stable, long-lasting transmission. In fact, we rarely have to replace one of these transmissions. However, there are a few common problems that require specialized attention from time to time. The first sign of any problem is the transmission will go into "limp mode" where the car will move at only 30 mph. Don't worry "limp mode" does not indicate a catastrophic failure but simply that there is a problem. Many times you can limp to a safe spot, turn off the car, wait a half minute and then restart. When this happens, take the car into a repair shop immediately.

Maintaining your Mercedes

One problem you can address is proper maintenance of fluid levels. Mercedes Benz have been known to leak, starting at the 7-8 year mark. Maintaining a check can prevent this and ensure the health of the transmission.

Another issue with leaks concerns the O-ring. Oil can seep out and interfere with the valve body. Many repair shops recommend a replacement when they see this. Yet if the problem really is the O-ring you can save hundreds of dollars by replacing it.

Sometimes the valve body does have to be replaced, but this is just a component of the transmission and can be removed and replaced without major repairs to the rest of the transmission.

The 722.6 Transmission

This 5-speed model can experience issues with the gear shift. If your car is jerky or you hear grinding, it is probably the gears. There are also issues with wiring which, while annoying, are easy to repair. Most of these problems have been addressed with design changes in later models.

When you need a Mercedes transmission repair, consider our shop. The Transmission Store focuses exclusively on transmission repair. Our specialty is German-engineered, high performance cars. Since we've been in business since 1983, we've developed an expertise that will save you money, time and hassle when you bring in your Mercedes transmission for repair. Give us a call with questions or schedule a FREE test drive.