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Transmission Repair for Honda Models

Honda Transmission Honda makes an excellent vehicle. Their cars, trucks and vans are well-built with many lasting 200,000 miles or more (check out these reviews). If you keep your Honda serviced and in good condition, you can expect a long life. However, from 1999-2004 some Hondas experienced problems with the transmissions. Unfortunately, some owners are still experiencing failure.

One of the problems is excessive wear to the gears of the torque converter. This device allows you to brake without harming the transmission. When worn, the torque converter does not regulate the spin rate properly, which means your transmission runs faster and hotter, burning through fluid and causing more wear.

Honda Repair Experts

When your car's transmission slips, stutters or jerks then you have a problem. These issues are experienced when you are switching gears during acceleration or braking. Another indication of trouble is when your transmission revs faster than normal. If you notice a pool of fluid on your driveway you have leak or burst line. A final indicator is if you feel you have to muscle the transmission. When you experience any of these problems, please let us check it out. Catching a problem early usually means we can make service without having to totally rebuild your transmission. This saves you time and money.

The Transmission Store exclusively services transmissions. One of our specialties is working on Hondas. Since 1983 (under the same ownership), we've built an excellent reputation (check reviews) and have the expertise to get your car running after the first visit. We always provide a free test drive and a firm cost for repair. Don't skimp with cheap service or use a repair shop that only occasionally works on transmissions. Let our pros take care of you.