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BMW Transmission BMWs are great cars and really built to last. They manufacture a variety of transmissions for their different models. The two most common transmissions are the Steptroni and the ZF.

The Steptronic combines the feel and performance of a manual transmission when you want this and the ease of an automatic when you just want to drive. This combo transmission allows the driver to select their driving style at any time. The ZF line of transmissions (actually produced by a German company whose long is simplified to "ZF") come in several styles for cars, trucks and vans with both manual and automatic options. Both of these provide high performance and heavy durability. while every transmission has several working parts these precisely engineered machines are more complex than most and should only be serviced by a mechanic with specific BMW experience. In fact, German cars are one of our specialities and we work on several dozen every year. Additionally, our prices compare favorably with dealerships (usually 15-20% lower) and our turn around is quicker as well.

As with any high performance machinery, it is important to maintain proper fluid levels and have periodic checkups. Keeping a watch on your transmission with regular checkups allows us to fix small things before they become big repairs. BMW suggests a full service and cleaning every 50,000 miles. When doing this service one thing we look for is metal filings in the drained fluid. This indicates wear and while this can be expected we check to make sure this does not indicate a bigger problem - and if so we fix that issue. Due to their engineering standards, BMW's will last a long time and perform well. However, you should be aware of common problems:

BMW Repair Experts

BMW transmission repair can be costly, so if you experience any of these problems or have other concerns, bring your car in quickly. The Transmission Store specializes in German-engineered cars and has repaired many BMWs since 1983. We can't diagnose over the phone, but we can provide a free test drive to tell you what's going on and recommend the right fix.