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Audi Transmission Service

Audi Transmission The family of Audi transmissions all offer economy of motion, seamless acceleration and high performance. However, the Audi transmission is highly complex. That, combined with the great variety of transmissions offered, means these transmission repairs should only be done by an experienced mechanic.

Common Issues with the A4 and A6 Models

On occasion these models have issues with the torque converter and clutch. There are three things to look for: faulty seals, worn needle bearings and jerky clutch shifts. You may also hear a grinding sound from under the car. These are serious signs that your transmission needs attention. Do not wait until the sound gets worse since continued wear could mean you have to replace the whole clutch and not just the bearings.

Other Warning Signs

One interesting thing to note about Audis is that you will probably experience problems when shifting to reverse before other gears. Any hesitation or noise when backing up is an early warning you should heed.

Pay attention to both your "Check Engine" light and "Transmission Warning" light (in the center of your dash above the selected gear). When these are on, there's an immediate issue.

Trouble shifting could be caused by a failing solenoid. This piece regulates the flow of fluid so it's important for overall health. A problem here should light up your indicators.

If you have any concerns, please bring your car in for a quick look. We can help relieve your concerns and catch problems before they grow.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your transmission is always easier and cheaper than repair or replacement. Several of the checks you can do yourself, but don't neglect having a person experienced specifically with Audis take a look. Below are a few things to watch for.

  • Proper level of transmission fluid - easy but so critical
  • Heeding any noises, smells or low performance
  • "Check Engine" light - we can read the code(s) and know exactly what's wrong
  • Visual inspection of wiring
  • Thorough checkup on a regular basis by a professional

Audi Repair Experts

The Transmission Store has over 30 years' experience, and German-engineered cars are one of our specialties. Only dealerships have worked on more Audis than we have. With our price 15% lower than theirs, you should visit us first. We will give you an honest assessment and a quote we'll stick by. Don't take a chance. Bring your Audi to the experts.