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Nashville Transmission Repair

Nashville Transmission Repair Shop Transmission repairs are frustrating. They are never conveienent and cause stress. We can help. The Transmission Store replaces and services all types of transmissions. We have been doing transmission repair in Nashville since 1983 under one owner Marty Lang.

Our mechanics are expert at locating the source of your transmission problems and fixing that problem on the first visit. Plus we are quick and don't continually put you off as other shops do. In fact, our reputation is built on excellent customer service as much as it is on excellence in transmission repair.

Our price is also competitive and 15% lower than most dealerships. We have a clean waiting area and you have got to check out our shop it will amaze you. Visit us to see the difference yourself.

A transmission fix requires expertise that standard mechanics may not have. Transmissions are complex pieces of machinery with many working parts. That is why you need a pro repairing your transmission. We provide that experience.

Maintaining your transmission is important as well and we provide these services as well. Periodic check-ups and proper fluid levels go a long way to making sure everything runs smoothly and at peak performance. Even with the best maintenance though you will eventually need a repair or replacement. Be aware when you experience any of these problems and contact us for a free inspection and quote.

Common Transmission Problems

  • Slow Response - when shifting gears there is a delay
  • Noise from undercarriage - especially a clunking sound
  • Loss of fluid - if you notice new driveway stains
  • Gear Shifting - if your car sticks or will not engage
  • A Burning Smell - might indicate the transmission is running too hot
  • Transmission slipping from gear to gear

Our transmission repair service includes: preventative maintenance, replacement, fluid checks and rebuilds. We focus exclusively on transmissions and our mechanics know how to get your car running right on the first visit.

We have "seen it all" so will be able to quickly tell you what is happening and provide an affordable repair estimate. Our shop can accomodate several vehicles at once so our customers do not have to wait days to get their car back.

Repair for All Vehicles

We work on automatic transmissions, manual transmissions and all models of cars, trucks, and vans - both foreign and domestic. We specialize in Nissans and Hondas. Additionally, we are highly experienced with high performance European transmissions including: Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

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Our team members is dedicated to providing great service. When you need a transmission repair contact us. We will discuss the problem, take a look and provide a free estimate. Call 615.227.6806 or visit at:

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