Transmission Repair Nashville

Car Problems?

Transmissions are complex pieces of machinery with many working parts. Periodic check-ups and proper fluid levels goes a long way to making sure everything runs smoothly and at peak performance. Even with the best maintenance though you will eventually need a transmission repair or replacement. Be aware when you experience any of these problems and contact us for a free inspection.

  • Slow Response - when shifting gears there is a delay
  • Noise from undercarriage - especially a clunking sound
  • Loss of fluid - if you notice new driveway stains
  • Gear Shifting - if your car sticks or will not engage
  • A Burning Smell - might indicate the transmission is running too hot
  • Transmission slipping from gear to gear

Don't put off "going to the shop". Early detection saves time and money, prevents further damage, and keeps riders safe. Check out this article on slipping transmissions

Our shop focuses exclusively on transmission repair and rebuilds, so we know how to get your car running right on the first visit. We have been operating under the same ownership since 1983 and have built an outstanding reputation for providing quality work and great customer service (check our reviews). Our mechanics have "seen it all" so will be able to quickly tell you what is happening and provide an affordable repair estimate. Our shop is large and can accomodate several vehicles at once so our customers do not have to wait days to get their car back.

All Makes and Models

We work on all models of cars, trucks, and vans - both foreign and domestic, automatic and manual. We also specialize in Nissans and Hondas, which sometimes have troublesome transmissions. Additionally, we have a lot of experience with high performance European transmissions including: Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Transmission Store Advantages

  • 15-20% less than dealer prices
  • Free Test Drive
  • Standard 1 year warranty, 3 year warranties available
  • Latest diadnostic equipment
  • Top quality parts
  • Stress on Five Star Service

When most people think of a transmission shop they imagine a dirty, unkempt area covered in grease and a sitting area where it would be better to stand. We take great care to keep our shop and especially the front area clean and appealing. Team members are professional, pleasant and dedicated to providing great service.

Call us now with questions, estimates or to schedule a repiar job. 615-227-6806